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Having fun at a youth camp in Namibia. There were 70 teenagers that I worked with that week.

Thank you so much for considering to give! There are a number of ways you can support me. Everything, and every way that you choose to support me will aid me in continuing my support of ministries around the world!
The ultimate goal of this website and my content is that you never have to give me a dime! In the internet age there are many ways to generate income just by being “techy” enough. I want to continue to travel and do missions all over the world and using the following ways, you can support me without taking any additional money out of your pocket. Although I am a long way from reaching this goal, here are some of the ways you can help get me there!

There are four ways you can support me!

1. Amazon shopping!

Do you shop on amazon? By using my link you can support me with absolutely no additional cost to you! Every item costs the exact same whether you use my link or not, so why not help missions at the same time? I am an affiliate member of Amazon so I receive a small commission if you do your shopping using my link! You can go about your regular shopping online and support global missions at the SAME TIME!

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2. Subscribing

subscribeYour subscription is a HUGE way to support me! Whether it’s on my YouTube channel or this websiteyour subscription is a big deal to me. Through Google ads and your viewership I can receive income with your traffic. Not to mention you get to join me on the most exciting adventures of a lifetime!

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3. Prayer

I’m all the time put into extremely unorthodox ministry situations. I believe that Jesus lived a ministry that was defined by whoever was in front of him. No matter where I go or what I’m doing, I want to model after this. Here are just a few of the situations that you can read or watch about:

Needless to say, your prayers are the most important thing to me. Thank you so much for making a note to pray for me!

4. PayPal

Support PictureIf you do want to give directly to me THANK YOU! Here is a link to my PayPal account where you can do that securely! I can’t put into words what your donation means to me – you are allowing me to live my dream!