What Missions Am I Doing?

India Missions

My missions in Inda. Click for a short video about this picture.

I am constantly looking to work with people and different organizations. My missions involve a ton of
different aspects. Whether I’m doing construction for a month, teaching children to skateboard, working in an orphanage, or even talking to a prostitute about Jesus. This is all done through the lens that people need to know about a God that loves them. I’m open to Him putting me anywhere and everywhere. Below you can see some of the places my missions have taken me.


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Updates of My Missions

Missions and Adventure Video's

Here are video's of some of the things I've been doing recently!

Penny Thumb

Is it worth traveling with a Penny Board? Watch this short video for my answer!

Adventure to lighthouse

After hiking in the jungle I found this awesome beach and lighthouse! Here’s the journey!

Skate thumb

Check out this video where I try and teach some children in a Catholic group home how to skate!

The Blog

These are the latest Missions that I have been up to!

A New Stamp And A New Chapter!

I can barely hear the soft spoken officer as he mumbles through the plexiglass in broken English. I’m at the border crossing into Suriname from Guyana – I hope I don’t screw it up!