What adventures am I up to?

Adventure Nepal

A motorcycle adventure through the mountains of Nepal. Click on the picture for some video’s that explore Nepal!

Along my travels I often have the opportunity to explore the culture and wilderness around me. This is the central location for all those stories. Whether I’m taking a spontaneous road trip, finding a Nepali temple, camping in the jungles of Thailand, or just traveling 50 hours to other countries, you can find the adventures here. I enjoy getting off the beaten path and finding new corners of the Earth to explore!


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Missions and Adventure Video's

Here are video's of some of the things I've been doing recently!

Penny Thumb

Is it worth traveling with a Penny Board? Watch this short video for my answer!

Adventure to lighthouse

After hiking in the jungle I found this awesome beach and lighthouse! Here’s the journey!

Skate thumb

Check out this video where I try and teach some children in a Catholic group home how to skate!

Adventure Blogs

These are the latest adventures that I have written about!