Big News of a New Trip!

The cover picture above is exactly where I am while writing this blog. I’m sitting on a sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico after a fulfilling day learning and working on boats. There’s a slight breeze blowing under the canopy of the catamaran I’m living on which cools it down enough to enjoy the evening. Music from a local bar echoes across the bay and the fish are intermittently leaping in sync with the beat. This is my home.

So let me explain.

A big influence in my life to explore adventure came from a Netflix documentary about Laura Decker. She holds the world record for being the youngest individual to circumnavigate the globe solo. She was 16 when she completed the monumental task.

I remember watching the documentary time after time and thinking to myself, “if she can do something like that then what’s my excuse?” After my life took a drastic turn in 2015 to travel and do missions I’ve since been to 15 countries in the last 18 months. When I began to think of coming home and ending my travels it just seemed too early for the credits to roll. So I started looking on the internet to find viable options to learn to sail. With the help of my father, I found a great place in Key Largo Florida, where I can learn to sail and live on a boat.


Learning hands on, how to sail!

My ultimate goal in moving here is to bring my two worlds together. I want to continue doing missions and working with people, but now I want to do it from a boat. I want my future house to be completely movable. My motive is to learn as much as I can about sailing so I can bring hope to people through the seas. This dream may seem far fetched. And it’s just a dream, right? – Wrong!

Our dreams are completely achievable if we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

I leave for Guatemala next week! I’ll be going on my first sailing mission trip in just over a month of pursuing this. Turns out there is an organization called Blue Water Surrender. They are all about doing ministry from boats and it was only after I decided to move I learned about them. Pending the weather, I will be leaving October 8th, to sail to Guatemala and help launch a much-needed orphanage in Rio Dulce.

Going over the essentials

Learning the essentials from a captain!

I would never have thought my dream of doing missions from a sailboat would be realized so soon! I was preparing for years of saving money and learning the ropes (pun intended) but that’s apparently knot (pun not intended) what God had in mind.

Enough with the puns for a moment.

I can’t help but think that God is doing something much bigger than I realize. Was my desire to move here and pursue sailing more than just a desire but a divine calling? Everything is working together so seamlessly that it seems as though it was planned. Instantly after moving here I found a job that trains me to work and sail boats, then I get connected with an organization that want’s to do missions from boats. This dream of mine is being realized and it’s an exciting time!

When I first started writing this the sun was setting, now the stars are out and the lights from other boats moored in the bay is dancing across the glistening sea. If a 16-year-old girl can sail the world and live her dream then what’s stopping me? What’s stopping you? We can ultimately make a laundry list of things that are holding us back. In the end, it comes down to sacrifice and determination. No one else can make our dreams happen. No one else is going to desire our dreams more than we are. IF you really want your dreams to become a reality, start working for it, and start working for it TODAY!


  • Lauren Yeargan says:

    Josh! I am a fellow World Race Alumni. I saw one of your pictures posted by the organization and loved it, so I started following you just to see your awesome pictures, but your stories and how you truly see people have made more of an impact. I have got to hear how God is working in your life, and it’s encouraging and inspiring to see your willingness and obedience to follow God’s call of Go!! I can relate to God totally changing up plans and blessing you more than you can imagine! God’s got big things for you, thanks for sharing your story. Blogging was always my downfall on the race, glad God blessed you with this ability. I wanted to tell you your stories do make a difference, you are doing good work. Praying for you on this next step of your journey!

    • Josh Stoneman says:

      Wow, Lauren! Thank you so much for the encouragement! Writing isn’t my favorite thing ever so it’s nice to hear positive feedback. Your words are very much appreciated 😀

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