A New Stamp And A New Chapter!

My teammate Betsy does her due processing at immigration

I can barely hear the soft spoken officer as he mumbles through the plexiglass in broken English. I’m at the border crossing into Suriname from Guyana. To my relief, he was just wanting to know how long I was staying in the country. It can be very disconcerting trying to figure out all the paperwork, visas, tickets, and accommodations. All of this work and anticipation comes to head when you arrive at the immigration desk. The stamp laying next to his computer is only thing that let’s you know if you did it right or not. He shuffles through my paperwork examining visa numbers and addresses all the while I think to myself, “the Lord brought me this far, I hope I don’t screw it up.”

I arrived in Guyana ten days ago with the mission of finding pastors willing to partner with the missions organization I work for. Adventures in Missions is in the business of mobilizing help from North America to all the corners of the world. So when South America comes up on a map in the offices, they prayerfully consider the possibility of expanding into countries they don’t know about yet.

That’s where Betsy and I come in.

They have tasked us with going into certain countries and finding people who are all about Jesus, and need help. When we left the United States I thought if we could get 2 or even 4 in Guyana that would be so amazing, and a great start to inviting missionaries into these regions.


Suanne didn’t know anything about us except that we loved Jesus. That was enough for her to want to take us in and help us in our mission. Her fine cooking and hospitality was incredible!

About 30 contacts later I realize my goal vastly underestimated how God was going to use us in just 10 short days. We found ourselves meeting with up to 10 pastors at a time who were eager to see how this partnership within the body of Christ, could spread the Gospel. I can definitively say 10 days of a willing person in God’s hands makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Four contacts would have been good but still mediocre; but 30 is simply an act of God.

Adventures in Missions now has plenty of work to follow up on with the contacts I was able to send them. They will follow with the people I connected with and share details of how they can start mobilize people, and with that, my job is done.

At least in Guyana.

As the officer slams down the stamp approving my entrance, I know a new country awaits and my expectations are redefined to God like standards.


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