How to Pack for a Year of Travel!

Many of you have been curious what I am packing for this trip, so here is my complete packing list. Below are links to my exact equipment on Amazon should you choose to buy it for yourself. Everything listed below is gear that I am going to take on the trip personally and this is how I pack for a year of travel!

Packing for a year of travel can be daunting!

I try to ensure that my gear compliments itself. All of my electronic gear (except my laptop, GPS, and DSLR) can be charged through USB. This makes it handy to have a backup USB battery that can charge everything from my phone to my flashlight. Usually, I wouldn’t take two different options for sleeping (hammock and a tent) but considering the uncertainty of the conditions it doesn’t hurt to bring both. Besides, who doesn’t like to relax in a hammock?

Other things are particular to my own tastes like the penny board for instance. I want to easily get around in the cities that I go to so instead of renting a bike I will use the board. Adjust your packing list based on the tastes and preferences that you have. Don’t forget that you can always adjust on the road. Besides, who knows what could happen!?



Travel Equipment



Sea to Summit Pillow








Photography Equipment




Other Miscellaneous Items


Shirts – 4
Shorts – 2
Pants – 2
Underwear – 5
Sweatshirt – 1
Socks – 4 pair


Unlocked Phone
Charging Cables
Misc. Cables


Make copies
and email them to

Drivers Licence
Insurance Information
Vaccine Information





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